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Austar Group was formed in 1992, with its main areas of business being in business migration, education, property development, property selling, and funds management. Austar has more than 800 employees. The head office is in Shanghai China, with 2,500 m2 office space and 100 staff. According to relevant Chinese rules, Austar has acquired special licenses in China to undertake migration service work and student recruiting business. According to provisions of relevant laws in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, Austar Staffs have registered in relevant departments of those countries to provide migration services. According to Australian law, And Austar Fund is an Australian based Non-Banking lender, which provides investors and developers direct access to low cost and hassle-free property loans. With its strong balance sheet, experienced lending team and deep understanding of our borrowers needs, Austar can deliver funding for projects quickly and efficiently. Recognizing the importance of manpower, Austar is committed to standards of excellence in staff recruitment and professional development. Of the 800 staff in China,more than 100 graduated from overseas universities. Austar also sends about 50 staff overseas for 2 weeks training every year and has done so since 1999。



Austar mainly focuses on Business/Investment migration and assists more than 2,000 families in migrating overseas each year. Austaris one of the largest and most successful companies in this area.

Some Facts:


On August 16, 2016, former California Governor and world famous movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in Shanghai to attend the "Beverly Hills Waldorf Hotel American Investment Immigration Exhibition" sponsored by Ausar Group, and warmly invited Chinese investors to California.


The "Australia in Rudd's Eyes" 2018 Australian Investment Summit Forum sponsored by Austar Group was successfully held in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou from June 8 to 10, 2018. A total of 2300 customers and friends participated in the event. Australia's 26th Prime Minister Kevin Rudd interpreted Australia in Chinese on the spot.


Information counseling: provide overseas schools background, general information, course detail, country information etc.
Pre-assessment: assess students’ eligibility regarding entry requirement (English and academic) as well as visa requirement.
Help in enrollment: help students fill in application form and communicate with school regarding students’ application.
Visa application: help students fill in the student visa application and communicate with Immigration regarding students’ application.
Pre-departure training: arrange pre-departure training every month. We try to let them know how they can survive in different country, especially in first three month.
Travel arrangement: arrange international and destination countries domestic (if necessary) air tickets for students. We make sure the airport pickup and accommodation are arranged for them (usually organized by overseas schools).
Staff visiting: Our staff visit overseas schools every year. We will try to visit our students at the same time.
Communication help between school and students’ family: provide help in terms of communication, transfer information and documents etc.
Students’ Parents’ visit: after students commence their study, we can arrange for their parents to visit them.


According to Austar research, among those purchasers of Australia properties more than 80% are either migrants (or in process of migration) or students’ families. While Austar is a dominant player in the area, there are potentially great advantages for Austar selling property. Through offices in China and Australia, Austar sold about 20 properties every month in 2009. Currently, this business is under rapid growth. Among those sales, most of the properties are brand new, including apartment, house and land. Off plan property is most popular in China.

With solid funding resources consisting of shareholders and high net worth investors, experienced lending team and deep understanding of the financial needs, Austar fund can deliver funding for each project quickly and efficiently.


Austar Group Ltd has offices in below locations, total 800 full time staffs.

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